"Ilona van der Hagen"

Love is the goal, Love is the source, and Love is the way; Love is all there Is. 

That is one of the lenses through which I observe the journey that you and I, if we would work together, would embark on. We journey into purposeful personal or business transformation, through coaching, training, or vision consulting, and communications. We seek to add essential value to our lives and work, while creating purposeful ways of being and acting, in our selves and others.

My clients are entrepreneurs and leaders who are eager to grow, who are not afraid to look at themselves and who are striving to make an impact and create meaning that goes beyond their own lives. They are the leaders of their communities and families, and the leaders of their businesses and partnerships. They are leaders of thought, change and creativity.  

I also gladly serve the 40-year-old youth leadership, dialogue and capacity-building, non-profit, Legacy International. Goose-bumps! I am an executive team member of their partnership Global Transformation Corps (GTC). GTC helps connect and train nodes of values-driven next-generation (social) entrepreneurs to help them transform their communities, and scale. Our intention is to help the change agents and leaders of tomorrow make the shift from a sole focus on profit into values-, impact- and sustainability-driven leadership, models and systems.  


As a global citizen with working experience with people and cultures from all over the world, my work field is the whole globe. I grew up in the Netherlands, worked in Jerusalem and surrounding areas for 14 years and now live in the United States.

Below you can scroll through my previous work experiences in leadership, communications, education, conflict resolution and community work.  


Why connect with me? That really is up to you.

Just maybe for now you would like to do this exercise with me, before anything else: 

Take 2 minutes of your time, find a mirror, look in your eyes and smile at your self. 

2 full minutes! Even if they seem long.

And if your attention roams away to a pimple or a thought about your eyebrows or to-do list,

just bring it back to: look in your eyes and smile at your self!