anything is possible


Coaching is a journey.

It is an accumulative process of moving from A to B.

B might be an external goal.

It might be a relationship.

A way of being in the world.

The inner and the outer always inform and reflect each other.

In the process we clarify 2 things:

1. what wants to happen? (how am I asked to serve?)

2. who do I need to be in order to make that happen?

For some people this is more natural than others.

But for most it means work and showing up!

Change does not happen in a coaching conversation,

although a shift or insight might take place.

It happens in your life, as you live and work it. 
As you work on that relationshipmake that statement, or prep that talk.

How do I know whether coaching is what suits me now?

How would I know if it suits me to work with you?

The best way I know of to find a good answer to these questions is: experience it for yourself!

Contact me to experience coaching.


Will I be a good client for you?

I do not know until we experience each other. But if you are - or strive to be - any of the following, it might suit us to work together:

My clients are entrepreneurs and leaders who are eager to grow, who are not afraid to look at themselves and who are striving to make an impact and create meaning that goes beyond their own lives. They are the leaders of their communities and families, and the leaders of their businesses and partnerships. They are leaders of thought, change and creativity.


prerequisites + options + location + details


We make a good match. We will know that through exploring conversations following your application.

Any journey is tailor-made for you! Therefore I only distinguish between 2 categories (includes vegan, sugar-free and gluten-free options):

• the cake and the topping journey: long term personal journey
• the cake and the topping and that cherry journey: apprenticeship
Please inquire for options.



• online: Zoom 
• face to face: we start your journey with an in person intensive. May be possible in the Netherlands, Florida, Jerusalem, depending on my current location. Due to physical distancing I currently offer the intensive on Zoom, with assignments in between conversations.
Please inquire.


Any journey is tailor-made for you! Therefore we co-create your journey and agreement.