who you + your life + contribution on earth are intended to be


It may be:









Whatever resonates with you -- that what makes YOUR heart tick and YOUR soul jump -- may well be your special reason for being on this planet. For having your unique life experiences and special gifts.

(Yes, You! Everyone has them. No exclusions here, no single person dwells here by mistake.)
For making the step to shift them into 
the greatest gift you can be for your life, for others and for our planet.


I guide you to align yourself with that and be it, live it, communicate it.
Whether it is through your personal alignment or by launching your project, the world will be a more powerful place through aligning to essence and sharing your gifts!

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for you & your project


Together with a team of dedicated, professional and caring ET friends I am here to help you align.
ET indeed, Extra Terrestrial, from planets other than earth.
No worry; they aren't creepy or devilish! They are not trying to take over! 
They are friends who are here to help us raise our consciousness, to balance our bodies, our wounds and limitations, to activate our DNA and to support us in aligning with Light and our original intention on earth. They are here to help you and me shift our planet to the next level.


What is their message? "Our message is simple: Everything lies hidden in the DNA. This is the key to all the answers you seek. Whether it comes to healing, to finding yourselves or God, to creating abundance, awareness or peace. Everything has been recorded in your own DNA. Our job is to help you discover this DNA and use it."





Coming later this year!            we are now editing the Dutch version

we will translate to English from that


 This is a book unlike other books. It is not science fiction, but it does tell about real life things that seem impossible and futuristic. It is not a medical text book, but it still shares miraculous and powerful insights and treatments.
It is not spiritual, yet it moves our hearts and souls. It transforms us. At the same time it is down to earth and logical. It speaks in a simple language, but asks you to read it over and over again, each time sinking in a little deeper. It is the journey of one simple human being like you and me, and yet it offers insights and transformation for all of us.


The ET team about people on earth:

"It gives a huge experience to grope in the dark 

and to learn to discover the light. Only very brave creatures can do this. That is why we say that each and every one of you is a hero. And that is why we also say that you don't have to condemn someone who is still completely groping in the dark. This person is brave and this person brings the whole universe the gift of the experience and the insights that he or she gathers." 






Binnenkort te lezen!                          

we zijn nu aan het editen...



Dit boek is anders dan andere boeken. Het is geen sciencefiction, maar het vertelt wél over waargebeurde dingen die onmogelijk en futuristisch lijken. Het is geen medisch handboek, maar toch deelt het wonderlijke en krachtige inzichten en behandelingen. Het is niet spiritueel, maar het raakt onze harten en zielen. Het transformeert ons. Tegelijkertijd is het down to earth en logisch. Het spreekt in een eenvoudige taal, maar vraagt je om het steeds opnieuw te lezen, telkens een beetje dieper in te zinken. Het is de reis van één eenvoudige mens zoals jij en ik, en toch geeft het inzichten en transformatie aan ons allemaal. 


Het ET team over mensen op aarde:
Het geeft een enorme ervaring om in het donker te tasten en het licht te leren ontdekken. Alleen heel dappere wezens kunnen dit doen. Daarom zeggen wij dat jullie stuk voor stuk heros zijn. En daarom zeggen wij ook dat je iemand die nog helemaal in het duister tast, niet hoeft te veroordelen. Deze persoon is dapper en deze persoon brengt het hele universum het cadeau van de ervaring en de inzichten die hij of zij vergaart."







Get a feel of your piece in peace!


We all yearn for peace. Or don't you?

How can we hold on to our vision of peace for the world, with all of the conflicts we see on our screens and in our papers? Or even closer; the conflict we currently are part of. The conflict our new refugee neighbors make us part of. The conflict our own diversity makes us part of. And then those conflicts within our organizations, our government, our city. Our communities. The conflicts within our families, our house. The conflicts within ourselves...

And here it is where we get to the core of peace: 


What is my piece in peace? What is your piece in peace?
• Take the Peace Test and get a feel of your piece in peace!

• Attend a gathering, online or live.





inspiring people & projects


Repeatedly people ask for examples of inspiring stuff on earth. They really don't see them and believe that inspiration and expansion are either not happening or might happen somewhere in the future. 

There is good news: there are numerous examples of inspiring people and projects! They seem to be hidden by an over attention on drama and negativity in our media, conversations, thoughts, patterns and perception.


It is a choice to keep far from believing all that. To rather believe in people, in possibility, in alignment to our Origin and intention, in inspiration and powerful contribution. 

That's why we initiated StarScrapers.

StarScrapers shows inspiring things that are happening and puts the spotlight on the stars who initiate them. We show where we can SEE, right now, the heartwarming, durable, inspiring stuff happening in the world.