A 7-week journey for artists, creatives and writers
to step into creating our future cultural heritage

Jan 7 - Feb 25, 2017

Live your Creative Calling

New journey January - February 2017

small group creative peer community • online  interactive one on one session 
transform yourself and your community through your own creations

Are you Yearning to Connect deeper, to Create Community, Lift your Inspiration and Contribute to Culture and People?
Almost every creative soul I encountered, desired it. To be more actively creating. To be 'in the zone'. To follow his or her calling. To be sharing their creations with their world. To be natural about it.


Does any of this sound familiar to you?
Are you a creative, an artist or a writer who is longing? Longing to live your calling? Yearning to get to a deeper and broader level of connection, community, inspiration and contribution?
Are you longing to be natural and authentic about it? Dreaming of eventually being part of creating our next cultural heritage? Longing to share your vision and insights so people and communities might wake up? 


Many creatives - from artists and writers to designers and performers -
appear to deal with similar blocks, challenges and...yearnings!
Those accumulated challenges and yearnings created a flow of inspiration for this exciting, heart-opening and mind-expanding journey. What that might look like for a creative? Some examples:



They Learned to Live their Creative Calling
A fabric designer discovered how to use her 'writer's block' to reach a new level of inspiration. Her 'stuck' became a source for renewal and expansion. She has more time and now focuses on those designs she has been dreaming to share with the world.

A musician shifted from seeing writing a book as being unnatural and confining to taking it on as producing a beat. He wrote the second draft of his manuscript within two months. With joy and focus.
A performer was not sure how authentic his presence was. He created more flow from the heart. His performances now touch his audiences and they ask for more.
Sessions with a photographer who worked in a creative collective, led her to her deepest longings. She left the collective and followed her calling. She now is the artistic photographer of her country's most valued newspaper. Her work touches readers throughout the globe and inspires her creative peers.

You can step into Living your Creative Calling too!
Live your Creative Calling guides you and your peer creatives into a lifted realm of relating to and living with your creative calling, your current or longed for creative project, your relationships and your way.
Journeyers also have the option to become a loving and inspiring creative peer community.


Those are the paths we will journey:


The Journey
Session 1: My calling
We journey into the why of your life, the essence of who you are and that something that keeps calling you. Where will you make the difference?
Session 2: My creative project
Through journeying into different perceptions and experiences, we help your creative project become more alive and tangible. We also experience ways to bring it from the realm of ideas to the realm of 3D reality.
Session 3: My relationships

On this part of the journey we will meet friends and foes and we will have some other encounters that might surprise you!
Session 4: Our way
We discover natural and unnatural ways of creating, ways of being and ways of stepping into the next level of inspiration and creation.

Session 5: Celebrating our Creative Future
The flag on the mountain peak!
Who will you be, what will your creative project be like and what part does it take in creating our future cultural heritage?
We will celebrate it by presenting our 4th creative at-home assignment.


This journey is fun, full of adventures and highly experiential. You will be able to further embody and live out the experiences and insights you gain by turning them into creative journeys.
We draw experiences and practices from consciousness work, quantum physics, mysticism and more than 15 years of guidance for peer creatives.

A Creative Peer Community that Reinforces and Fans you!
The journey will be in an intimate setting. It allows your journey to be personal and transformative. You and your creative co-journeyers will have the possibility to build your own creative community, to keep holding each other along your newly discovered ways! After each session you have the option to stay together with your creative peers to share and build the community you envision. To be on your journey with a community of like-minded people who understand you, see you and remind you of who you could be adds joy, strength and devotion. Loving peers reinforce you in times of challenge and fan you in times of new paths and creations. 


Embody and live your journey through your own creations

Live your creative calling will give you many options to make your creative journey, project and future alive. You will have the opportunity to engage in four creative preparations. They help you become aware of and prepare for the next phase of the journey. The preparations are fun and inspiring.
The journey also invites you to four creative at-home practices. They help you to embody and live your insights and calling - through your own creations! Those assignments are fun, inspiring and powerful tools to embody the latest part of your journey. After preparing your creation for up to 12 days (creation 1-3) you will be invited to share your creation with our group. Your final creation (number 4) will take up to 7 days. During our last session we will celebrate your and your peers' final creations!


Enjoy Goodies
• 1 one on one session with Ilona during one of the group calls
• 4 creative at-home preparations + 4 at-home creative practices
• video and audio recordings of all calls
• optional: 30 min. live interaction with your creative peers after the call


Save the Date

Jan  7   •  Session 1: My calling
Jan 21
  •  Session 2: My creative project
Feb  4   •  Session 3: My relationships
Feb 18  •  Session 4: Our way

Feb 25  •  Celebrating our Creative Future


10 am Pacific • 18:00 London • 19:00 Amsterdam • 20:00 Jerusalem
Please check your wintertime / daylight saving time with 10 am Pacific.


Technical requirements

• a computer or smartphone
• an internet connection
• a headset is recommended

• a camera is recommended
• the application Zoom
Details will follow after registration and payment, toward the beginning of our journey.



• € 444,-*   The journey.
• € 499,-**  The journey Plus: Receive an extra private half hour phone / Zoom session with Ilona to fine-tune your journey.

This offer is available only for Creative Calling journeyers.


*  the equivelant of around $ 495.00 
Please check current exchange rates.

** the equivelant of around $ 553.00 
Please check current exchange rates.