who you + your life + contribution on earth are intended to be


It may be:






Whatever resonates with you -- that what makes YOUR heart tick and YOUR soul jump -- may well be your special reason for being on this planet. For having your unique life experiences and special gifts.
For making the step to shift them into 
the greatest gift you can be for your life, for others and for our planet.


  I guide you to align yourself with that and be it, live it, communicate it.
Whether it is through PERSONAL GUIDANCE or by LAUNCHING / EXECUTING YOUR PROJECT, the world will be a more powerful place through aligning to essence and sharing your gifts!

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Align with essence and uncover your gifts for our world

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Get a feel of your piece in peace!


We all yearn for peace. Or don't we?

How can we hold on to our vision of peace for the world, with all of the conflicts we see on our screens and in our papers? Or even closer; the conflict we currently are part of. The conflict our new refugee neighbors make us part of. The conflict our own diversity makes us part of. And then those conflicts within our organizations, our government, our city. Our communities. The conflicts within our families, our house. The conflicts within ourselves...

And here it is where we get to the core of peace:

What is your piece in peace? What is my piece in peace?


• Take the PEACE TEST and get a feel of your piece in peace!


Get a feel of your piece in peace!

Everyone is a star who could twinkle and shine. StarScrapers
puts the spotlights on stars who dare show their light. And on the galaxies they form!

StarScrapers TV
Inspiring people & projects


Repeatedly people ask for examples of inspiring stuff on earth. Examples that show a new story, a change of course, a current that flows from people's power, creativity, community and love. People really don't see those examples and believe that inspiration and expansion are either not happening or might happen somewhere in the future. 


There is good news: there are numerous examples of inspiring people and projects who change a story, a course, a current! They seem to be hidden by an over attention on drama and negativity in our media, conversations, thoughts, patterns and perception.


It is a choice to keep far from putting the spotlights on that. To rather focus on people, on possibility, on alignment to our Origin and intention, on inspiration and powerful contribution. 

That's why we initiated StarScrapers.

StarScrapers puts the spotlights on inspiring things that are happening and talks wiht the stars who initiated them. We show where we can SEE, right now, the heartwarming, game-changing, inspiring, stuff happening in the world. We show those stars who twinkle and form new galaxies!