The story "My creativity" might seem a bit simplistic. True, it is.
It misses elements like co-creation, team and family responsibilities, talent, confidence, or a busy schedule.

Also, it assumes that creativity is accessible to us all.
Not very seldom, we do learn from a child:


My niece knew what she stands for. She also knew to stick to that.
In an inner leadership training we explore what we knew when we were younger..

And we mix that with the experience -and hopefully wisdom- that we gained later on.
We uncover the values that lead us; those that speak to us most.
We collect those values that we want to see in the world and that we will have to live and work by.

We seek to better understand our mission; what is it that needs our time and energy. 

We become better aware of what we truly stand for. 
We clarify our vision.
And we strive to see the connection to our choices and activities. 

To apply what we know now in our work and life. 

We then set intentions for the next phase in our life and work.

This is just 1 way of approaching inner leadership!

For individuals, for teams, for cohorts and for students.